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Custom Reskinned Game

Make the game your own with customization of the game’s logo, name, scoreboard, graphics and color scheme.

Registration Questions

Get the most out of your game with custom registration questions. These questions provide valuable data which can be shared at the end of the 30 days.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on makes it easier than ever for your audience to play your branded game. Have users sign in with their Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

Private Labling

Our package comes with its own privately labeled landing page to host your games over the 30 day period. Users may access the game via this custom URL.


Stir up some friendly competition with a leaderboard of top players and their scores. Leaderboards are accessible via the custom landing page provided, or can be seamlessly embedded into any webpage.


In our basic package, up to 250 players may play your branded games at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will our custom game remain live?

The game will remain live for 30 days. Please inquire if you require a longer timeframe.

How long does it take to create a custom game?

Approximately 4 weeks from the time a deposit is received. However, this varies based on the amount of customization desired for the chosen game. In the event you require the game in a shorter timeframe, we encourage you to inquire as soon as possible.

How are we able to showcase the game?

We suggest hyperlinking the game to your custom logo, which may be placed anywhere. In the past, clients have hyperlinked the game from their website, email blasts, advertisements and even social media. Additionally, we do allow our clients to embed a live leaderboard onto their website via iFrame.

How many people may play the game at once?

In our basic package, up to 250 people may play the game simultaneously. However, we are able to increase the bandwidth upwards of 5k if you anticipate having a larger audience.

Is it possible to do single sign-on for one of the platforms that isn’t listed in the features section?

Absolutely. Please inquire regarding your desired platform.

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